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State of Emerging Brands

Inaugural Q1 Report

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About The Report

With Q1 in our rearview mirror, we're providing insights into how this unpredictable year is shaping up so far and how we can prepare for a better 2023 and beyond.

This report is pulled from the hundreds of brands across food and beverage, beauty, apparel, and more, and is based on over $1 billion in transaction volume that has flowed through our platform so far this year. 

Revenue and Growth Trends

Learn how the current state of the global economy has shifted the CPG industry and how brands are adapting to the changing landscape.

Featured Topics

Gross Margins

Find out how revenue across all categories are stacking up and which has the widest margin expansion so far.

Discounting Trends

Understand how adjustments in discounting trends have affected all categories across Ampla's portfolio.

Distribution Channels

Uncover the channels brands are focusing on to drive revenue. 

Performance Digital Media

Identify the digital media channels that are driving volume this year and which have diminished for emerging brands.

State of Emerging Brands